The 5 Best Road Tires On a Mountain Bike

Road Tires On a Mountain Bike

Want to take your biking to the next level? Try biking on the road with your mountain bike.

using good tire in road bike

Our Top Picks

Best overall Serfas Drifter

All-time best for the road but more costly than others.

Best budget Kenda Komfort

The favorite choice for the cheapest plan yet delivering equal effect to other road tires.

Best for durability Continental Gatorskin

The right and long-lasting tire for tough roads.

Best for duathlon and triathlon Geax Street Runner

Best for speed and flat surfaces.

Best for long-distance WTB Slick 2.2 Comp Tire

Designed for long-distance and all-weather.

This article will cover:

  • Top picks
  • Why you need to swap
  • FAQs
the bike is using different tire

What’s the best upgrade you can add to your mountain bike? A set of brand new high-quality grounded tires. It is possible to insert road tires into your mountain bike. This would be an amazing experience and a subtle reminder of a thrilling enthusiasm biking on-road trails with a mountain bike.

Not having a road bike should no longer be the reason you don’t bike off-road. You can swap the tires with more suitable road tires to run on road terrains. Of course, you can ride off-road with your mountain bike, but you’ll miss the smooth cushy ride and comfort. The deal is, MTBs are much cheaper than road bikes and road tires cost less.

MTBs tires have rough treads which offer better gripping on rocks, mud, and slippery ends in the mountain trails. To skid-road, you need a tire with a smoother tread pattern to glide swiftly and with less effort.

Swapping your tires is an easy and inexpensive way to convert your mountain bike for the road. 

I have a few suggestions for some slick road tires you can try out.

Best overall: Serfas Drifter


Better grid when drifting 

Has Serfas Flat Protection System



I take pride in giving full credit to the serfas tire model. You get an inverted tread-type tire and a self-sealing bike tube. It features an F.P.S. Flat Protection System that can stand punctures and protect your tube and rims. The double-density tread ensures top durability and utmost performance whether cycling on gravel or dirt roads. Its dual rubber pattern gives both high rolling resistance, better grip, and a longer lifespan.

Serfas Drifter Tire Available Sizes: 26×1.5, 26×2.0, 27.5×1.5, 27.5×2.0, 29×2.0, 700x32mm

Best budget: Kenda Komfort


Quality yet affordable,

Offers choice on the tread pattern


Narrower, a width of 1.95 inches 

Kenda Komfort tires offer quality tires at a cheap price. The tread is great for sports and outdoors. However, the grip isn’t too tough for slippery surfaces but can manage little dirt. It still offers much dominance on most dirt roads but doesn’t stand strong against harsh weather due to its rubber. You can enjoy a ride on your mountain bike every time you want to on the roads for a cool 10 years.

Best Durability: Continental Gatorskin

this tire made in rubber



Top puncture protection 


Weak rolling resistance due to polyester fiber and smooth treading 

Here comes the tire for tough surfaces and with the best longevity. These tires provide a great performance on-road and top protection for your MTB. Made of polyester fiber and DuraSkin sidewall protection, it can resist foreign objects giving you extra protection. With a max PSI of 116, you need not worry about smaller weights in both your rear and front panniers.

Best for racing: Geax Street Runner


Great for racing

Great value for money


Low weight to rolling resistance 

This tire will inspire you to do a duathlon or a triathlon. With it, your mountain bike feels just practical on the road trails, feels you want to race, and helps you maintain a faster pace. But take care of the high-speed cornering in wet conditions though.

Best for long distances: WTB Slick 2.2 Comp Tire


Perfect choice for longer distances


Not good for wet roads

Although fast, these tires can slide easily, so I would suggest biking on dry roads. If you do cycle long distances, this is a great option for you. This slick masterpiece is not left behind, with its DNA rubber, it is perfect for commuting cross country.

Why Swap Road Tires On A Mountain Bike

Tires carry more effect than the frame sizes themselves (note: both road bikes and mountain bikes have different frame sizes).

Mountain bikes are much cheaper than road bikes. So, I prefer getting a mountain bike at all costs because I can improvise it to grind on roads. But you may wonder if the ‘fake’ road bike will run as smoothly as a road bike. Undoubtedly, yes! 

However, you can’t swap any tires you find along the way. There are some key factors to watch for to ensure you have the right tire.

Factors To Consider

Ride style –  Road tires contain higher pressure to 100 – 150 psi and above while MTBs hold a pressure of 35 psi. The movement will therefore not be smooth enough.

Traction – Road tires are thinner for reduced rolling resistance and higher pressure on roads. That results in less force biking on the roads


Will I need new rims? 

No! Most rims are compatible with various tires of different widths. Particularly for the tires suggested above, you are all set to go. Grab your tire swapping tools and start the job.

Will I require a new set of inner tubes?

Yes and no! If your new tires and old tubes have a little difference, for example, a 2.0 tire vs a 1.9-inch smooth tube, you can fit them. But, if you got a much narrower tire, you need to get a tube of a similar size. 

If possible, get a new tube for the new tire for easy and safe replacement, and to avoid incompatibility. Both sets are cheap and won’t run your pockets dry. 

It’s super-duper easy and exciting to switch your MTBs with road bike tires. I hope you enjoyed the info, and if you did, drop me a message below. I’ll be glad to give the best answer as soon as possible.

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“Can you put road tires on a mountain bike?”

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