How To Remove Rear Shimano Cassette Without Special Tools

How To Remove Rear Shimano Cassette Without Special Tools

Shimano’s family of products made the all-time best discovery of drivetrain gear sets. That’s an expected prowess of the number one designer of cycling parts. Whether you own an MTB, road bike, gravel, or CX riding, Shimano offers a different variety of cassette ranges to fit in every drifting surface. 

If you own a bike, you already are a bike engineer. Specifically, you need to know how to remove, repair, or replace most of your bike parts. With the tools, it should be a piece of cake, but if you lack them, you still need to get the job done. 

Because you won’t remove the cassette every day, you win a bargain not to spend 15 bucks for Shimano Cassette tools. Either way, it might be pretty hard to come across the tools.

It’s practically simple to remove the rear cassette with no tools. What you’ll be doing here is just loosening it.

How To Remove The Rear Cassette Without Special Tools

It’s possible to remove the rear cassette without special tools, but how do you do it? I’m going to teach you that in 10 minutes without damaging the drivetrain or risking damage to anything. 

this is a blue color gloves

What you need:

  • A pair of gloves
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Bike chainset

You’ll insert the needle nose pliers in the notches of the lockring. Next, unwind in the direction the freewheel rotates. The nose pliers will help to counter the loosening motion.

The cassette lockring framework accompanies snugged splines. The parts connect to the freehub outline, where they’re held along with a locking ring. The lock ring lays outward from the smallest machine gear cog.

  1. Have your gloves on

Safety comes first and foremost. You’re aware that you’ll need to use some extra force given that there are no tools. Shimano cassettes have spiky gears all over and there isn’t a safer way to hold it other than on them. 

  1. Remove the rear wheel

The rear wheel holds the cassette and is fixed to the axle. You’ll need to dismount the wheel first and get ready for the process.

this is a bike tool kit
  1. Lean your rear wheel 

Find the lock and open button and ensure your wheel is firm. Next, you’re going to look for the “LOCK” arrow signal on the lock ring. 

The arrow guides you to get the right direction to unlock the gear tooth. In most cases, turn it anti-clockwise, just the opposite of the direction of the arrow. As you’ll notice, you’ll unlock the locking ring with ease.

  1. Wrap Your Bike’s Chain on the Cassette

The third step is to get your bike chain, the part that you removed prior. Hold the bicycle chain on the ground with your legs. Fasten the bike chain around the bike’s sprocket. You should notice the wheel turning against the foot that holds it on the ground

Wrap the bicycle chain around your bicycle’s sprocket. After you have done this, you will see that the wheel will kind of turn facing your foot that holds it. Ensure your foot keeps the wheel firm enough.

  1. Stick the Pliers into the Grooves

After ensuring the cassette is in a steady situation, stick needle-nose pliers into the grooves of your bicycle cassette. Turn your pliers. This will require great strength. 

Continue applying strength while turning until you hear a clicking sound as the teeth of your bicycle’s locking ring unfasten. 

If possible, you can use another pair of pliers to reinforce the grip by clenching the needle-nose pliers. This can provide more strength while turning. 

When you’ve done it correctly, you’ll hear a blaring sound. There are some knurlings underneath the lock ring, which helps it set up. As the metal knurls either when you tighten or loosen the ring, a sound is produced.

this is a bike gear


Shimano cassette tools do not cost a fortune. That said, I’d not recommend removing the rear Shimano cassette without the right tools, especially if the cassette is tight because you can break the parts. Again, you’ll need a lot of energy, so you might need some help from a friend.

If you have another way, please share your opinions to help other great bikers just like you. 

“How to Remove Bike Cassette without Special Tools in 5 Steps”

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