How Much Electricity Does An Electric Scooter Use?

How Much Electricity Does An Electric Scooter Use?

Even after the rise of electric scooters, do not be left behind. Scooters are perfect for commuting within short distances, especially if you board buses to work, they can be ideal to handle your ‘last mile’ distance from where you drop. Most people fear that electric scooters are expensive to use and maintain. You’ll be surprised to learn that they have little maintenance and operational costs.

How much electricity does an electric scooter use? Most electric scooters use about 1 – 3 units of electricity per charge. Elite scooters, two-wheelers, and three-wheelers don’t exceed 3.5 Kw per charge.

Electric scooters are rated between 250W to 500W, but there are superior versions that reach between 1500W to 3000W. Most are fitted with a 24V, 36V, or 48V battery. Bigger e-scooters have more powerful motors that consume more power faster. 

Better yet, let’s break this syntax to a more clear showdown in the next slide. 

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How Much Unit Of Electricity Consumed By Electric Scooter

Assuming the battery is full, there is a logical way to determine the electricity consumption of an e-scooter. It is not 100 percent efficient as you might not know the battery’s condition plus the effect of other external factors on your battery such as the environment’s heat.

To calculate the units consumed by an electric scooter, you’ll need to know 3 things:

  • charge rate of the charger 
  • battery’s temperature 
  • battery’s state before the recharge

For your best vantage spot, let’s take an example:

How many units of electricity will be used by a scooter that runs on a 250W motor connected to a 48V 20Ah battery?

An efficient 48V 20Ah battery can store up to 960Wh when fully charged. If you know the charge rate of the charger and the ambient temperature of the battery, then the battery will consume 960Wh.

Here is the formula:

Power consumed = Voltage of the battery × current (charge rate indicated on the charger)

For our case:

48V × 20Ah = 960Wh or 0.9Kwh

If the motor runs on 250W, then it will power the electric scooter for 3 to 4 hours.

960/250 = 3.8 hours.

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How Much Units Does An Electric Scooter Use Per Month

Sometimes, you may want to calculate an average of used units in a month. Suppose, you only ride 4 miles a day, (2 miles to work and 2 back), and your scooter’s battery consumes about 0.9Kwh on average each day.

Total miles covered = 30 × 4 = 120 miles

Total days = 30

Total units = 30 × 0.9Kwh = 2.7Kwh 

Units used per mile = 2.7/120 = 0.022 units per mile

Units used per day = 4 × 0.022 = 0.088 units

As you can see, the consumed electric units by a 250W electric scooter are almost negligible. 

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Scooter

You’ll need your:

  • Local electricity charge rates
  • Amp hour of the battery
  • Battery’s voltage

For an E-scooter with a 48V, 8Ah battery, this is how to calculate the cost of charge per hour:

Cost of the charge = (Voltage × Amp per hour)/1000Kw × Local power charges

Cost of the charge = (48 × 8)/1000 × 12 cents (please confirm the rates of your town) = 4.61 cents or $0.046

To charge a battery to full will require 4 – 5 hours, so, you’ll pay: $0.046 × (4 – 5) = $0.18 to $0.23

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Factors To Consider

Different scooters consume power differently, and that depends on:

  • Speed
  • Size

The driving style will influence the consumption, both in traffic and non-traffic conditions. As a general rule, more speed means more energy is required because there is an increase in both air and road friction that is required to maintain the speed. Finally, the battery’s temperature and its regulation – heat increases the use of electricity usage and reduces the range of coverage of the e-scooter.

Just to throw a little light, smaller scooters, for example, Hero Optima, have a limited speed of up to 25mph and run on 250W. 

Larger e-scooters, that resemble a motorbike, can accelerate to speeds higher than 25mph and are fitted with stronger motors. Examples you can peek through are, Turnwall Storm ZX, Hero Photon, Okinawa Praise, Lithino Li, and E-Sport 63. The latest in the market are Lio and Lio+, Ather S340, and NDS Eco Alfa.

To correctly determine how much electricity electric scooters use, you check the motor size and labeled strength

In addition, you should note that this power usage does not include any lighting or computer system powered by the battery. Consequently, the units used might also be affected by such factors although the consumption is small. 

Other Things To Consider

There are other useful attributes you should consider such as:

  • Other specifications of your electric scooter
  • Kind or type of the scooter
  • The route to & from work
  • Other loads you carry on average

The scooter’s usages and model will directly influence the unit’s consumption.

All this power can cover a fair distance on a single charge. Both the amount of charge consumed and the range of distance covered depend on the battery size.

How To Save On Units Of Electricity Consumed

Knowing how to minimize electricity consumption is every e-scooter owner’s dream. 

  1. Avoid overcharging – keep a record of the charge per hour delivered and disconnect the battery from the power source promptly
  2. Store your scooter inside to keep your battery at the recommended temperature to hold charge finitely
  3. Use a standard charger provided by the manufacturer 
  4. Charge from the free charging stations provided in malls, stores, or parking lots
  5. Buy a highly energy-efficient electric scooter 

Key Notes

  1. The amount of electricity consumed by an e-scooter for a single charge depends on its battery. The bigger the scooter, for example, Wolf Warrior, the bigger the battery(1200W).
  2. The amount of electricity/power used by an e-scooter depends on its motor. A powerful motor uses more power to run.

Time is gone when people would struggle to frisk on long shots in early mornings to work and back in the evenings. Without dropping a single sweat, you can ride leisurely through steep terrains while using an environmentally friendly and cheap form of transport. The units consumed in a month by an electric scooter are less than what your electric cooker uses in a day.

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