How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Bike

How Much Does It Cost To Charge An Electric Bike

If you have already acquired an electric chopper, welcome to the electric (R)Evolution. Congratulations! You now belong to the velocity club. So you have just cruised the streets with your Super Cub, and you’re still wondering where you could get more power if the beast runs out. 

The good news is; that should not give you heebie-jeebies!

How much does it cost to charge an electric bike? You will only need between 4 – 12 cents to recharge the battery. This charging cost depends on the size and type of your bike, electricity cost, and the performance of the recharging process. Bigger e-bikes have bigger batteries that require more charge.

Batteries discharge as you ride. When e-bikes spend months inactive, they completely discharge their batteries too. That is unhealthy for your batteries and can result in a dead battery. It can be quite expensive and frustrating to replace one, especially if they haven’t served you enough.

What is the cost per charge(CPC) for recharging an electric bike? Check our full guide on how to calculate the CPC and other servicing costs.

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Ebike Cost Per Charge

To make calculations a breeze for you, use this formula. 

First, note your:

  • battery’s voltage
  • local area’s electric charge rates
  • the battery’s amp per hour

For example, if your bike has a 48 V battery pack (note batteries range from 36 – 52 volts), and 10 ampere-hours (10Ah);

To get the cost per charge, calculate: 

  1. Voltage (V) × amp-hours = watts per hour (Wh) 

48V × 10Ah = 480Wh

  1. Convert the watts per hour (Wh) to Kilowatt-hours (KWh)

480Wh ÷ 1000 = 0.48KWh

  1. KWh × local electric charge rates per kWh = cost per charge

0.48KWh × 0.12$ = 0.0576$ (5.76 cents)

A battery needs 4 to 5 hours to completely recharge: 0.0576$ × (4 – 5) hours = $0.2304 to  $0.288. That’s why it is recommended to charge at night and glide during the day. By charging once a day, you will pay between $0.20 to $0.30, and lower if your battery charger is effective.

Check your battery’s amp per hour from your e-bike manual or by getting in touch with the manufacturer. Charge rates vary from one town to another,(check your local rates here), hence, confirm with your nearby electric power source. Peeking through your local power’s website or consulting your electrician can help you determine the power charges.

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Other Costs To Consider

We cannot disregard other necessary costs that might be involved apart from battery charges. Batteries are not permanent, and sometimes you will need to replace them if they can no longer be recharged. 

To determine such costs, identify the:

  • Cost of the battery
  • Average battery life in cycles per charge 

So make sure to get a full juicy battery that can run all day. The average cost of a new battery is $500 with 800 charging cycles.

To include the battery’s cost, we calculate as follows:

Cost of the battery/number of cycles, i.e… $500/800 = $0.625

The good news is, your battery can serve you for about 5 years depending on the usage of your bike. The higher the charging frequency, the sooner you’re to replace it. 

Cost Of Charge Per Mile

Luckily, most electric bike batteries can hold power to sail up to 100 miles. Bigger e-bikes, run on more power, for example, might consume 400W in two hours if you drift in full and continuous power.

To get the cost per kilometer/mile, note your:

  • Average distance per charge
  • Cost per charge 

Cost per kilometer/mile = Cost per charge/Average distance per charge

For example; $0.0576/20 kilometers = $0.00288 (0.29 cents) per kilometer

Alternatively, to get kilometers/miles per cent

Kilometer per charge = 1 kilometer/cost per kilometer

1 kilometers/$0.29 = 3.4 kilometers per cent

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Newer bike models have efficient batteries that can serve you up to 12000 miles before getting a replacement. They can hold power to run between 50 to 100 miles per single charge depending on the gradient of a hill. Always use an original charger from the manufacturer and visit your electric bike servicer to determine the health of your battery once in a while. 

How To Save On E-bike Charging Costs

  1. Find renewable sources of energy
  2. Use better battery types made by original manufacturers of your e-bike
  3. Avoid steep slopes and harsh weathers
  4. Service and maintain your battery

Final Verdict

So, how much does it cost to charge an electric bike? Between 4 – 12 cents per day on average. As you can see, the cost of charging an electric bike will never run your pockets dry and is cheaper compared to other electric modes of transport. Besides, you enjoy a swift drift through a snarl-up with a comfortable ride.

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