How Long Does It Take To Bike A Mile?

How Long Does It Take To Bike A Mile?

Whether a beginner or an expert biker, it won’t take much time to bike a mile. It doesn’t matter if you cycle on an ordinary bike, gravel bike, hybrid bike, or mountain bike. Unless you’re a recreational biker, you should hardly take more than 5 minutes.

On average, you only need three to four minutes if you reach speeds of 17 to 18 mph. These speeds cannot be attained by anyone, unless you’re skillful, possess a good bike, and bike on flat terrain.

Generally, this is a guide showing a beginner and a professional rider.

  • Fun daily ride: 6 to 7 minutes
  • Flat terrain: 3 – 4 minutes
  • Downhill: 1 minute
  • Expert rider: 2 minutes

I treat my bike as a grocery getter and a daily day spa. So whenever I ride, it’s for fitness, and to stay in shape. Ergo, I only take 5 minutes for a 2-mile cycle.

That’s just a rough approximation to show different time spent by a beginner to an expert. As a rider, you can take any other time depending on how you ride. But that’s upon you. There are external factors that might affect the time you would take to bike a mile, and we’ll cover them in the next-gen.

Factors That Affect Biking Speed

However slow you pedal, you will still enjoy the leisurely breeze of the street. But sometimes biking speed is affected by some elements, and we have to consider them. 

  • The gradient of the road you bike on
  • Bike type
  • Physical fitness of the rider
  • Weather
  • The terrain of the ground you ride on

All these influence your ultimate speed, and ability to bike at a constant speed. Ironically, every occasional biker has lived through them at least once.

Gradient Of The Road

If you cycle downhill, biking a mile will take less than a minute. Those who have ridden through mountains know that it can take hours. Therefore, the slope of the road you glide on has a direct influence on the time you take.

this is a desert climate road

Bike Type

Some bicycles will move faster, either naturally, depending on their gears and terrain. There are bicycles meant to move on mountains, rough terrains, and for leisure. Mountain bikes have better climbing and swift descents.

As far as bikes are concerned, mountain bikes will roll faster than ordinary bikes. Cruiser and hybrid bikes are meant for leisurely rides. Since they are bigger and heavier than others, they are no match for great speeds unless downhill.

Physical Fitness

If you’ve never ridden before, it’s difficult to ride like a pro. To some extent, it might be hard for a newbie to smoothly cover 10 miles. The reason is you’ll get tired faster until you’re used to riding; think of your stamina, legs, and body activity. As you can tell, experience holds a key point here. 


It will be a rough experience pushing against the wind. However good you’re in biking, you won’t ride to fly like the wind.

Rain greatly affects biking. Roads get slippery and your bike fails to grip better. If you ride on a dry-weather road, your tires can get muddy. 

weather is main factor in cycling

Terrain Of The Ground

Rocky and bushy grounds will be harsh to ride on compared to the tarmac. This also means you should get the right bike for your terrain.

terrain of the ground is very hard to cycling

How Long Does It Take To Bike 10 Miles

If you’re a new biker or have not biked in a while, 10 miles is good for the start. Apart from biking to burn calories, you’ll also have additional health benefits. So, how long would biking 10 miles take? Several relevant factors need to be taken into account here. 

Consider the gear levers used, physical fitness, and the weather condition among others.

A beginner takes an average of 1 hour and 10 minutes biking at an average of 10mph. An expert biker takes 30 to 50 minutes. But the time taken could be more depending on some factors highlighted above. 

It is easier to determine how long you would take if you already know your time range for one mile. 

Multiply the time taken to bike 1 mile by 10.

Time to bike 10 miles = time taken to bike 1 mile × 10 

 Arbitrarily, you should ensure you’re fit to cover 10 miles without any problems.

Fastest Mile An A Bike

Biking is a great acrobatic exercise for those who wish to maintain a flexible shape. In case you’re new to this sport, it will serve you right. If you can ride for longer distances, you should be eager for more fantastic biking experiences. At one point, you’ll be curious to know how fast you can ride. If you like new challenges, you should be ready to break Marcus Stöcki’s downhill record of 104 mph

That means the biker took about 30 seconds to cover a mile. 

Suppose you ride uphill? Well, this would be a different case. As already mentioned, there is no straightforward answer to how long it would take to bike a mile. Certainly, there are some crucial elements to keep in view.

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