How Far Can You Go On An Electric Bike

How Far Can You Go On An Electric Bike

Your power will never run out before reaching the next recharge spot. I can’t remember instances where my bike was drained before I got home. Meanwhile, I’m not assuring you it can’t happen. Of course, it depends on the bike model, terrain of the road, whether you’re pedaling or not, and secondary factors we’ll break them for you. 

Electric bikes cover from 20 to 50 miles on average. The broad range is due to several factors that affect battery usage when riding.

Before we get to the main business of the day, we’re assuming you’re running on the e-bike’s battery without pedal assistance. But if you’re pedaling, you can cover a smooth 30 to 70 miles.

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How To Estimate e-bike Range

First, you’ll need your battery capacity. Most batteries are rated in volts and amperes, for example, 48V 12Ah. To get the battery capacity:

48V × 12 Ah = 576Ah


Average estimated range = battery capacity/average efficiency number

Most 500 to 700-watt e-bikes use 25 Wh/mi when ridden at an average speed of 20mph. Therefore, we use 25 Wh/mi as the average efficiency number(central number when calculating estimates).

Average estimated range = 576/25 = 23 miles.

When practicing pedal assistance the Wh/mi will be less, let’s say about 12 Wh/mi, hence the average estimated range is:

576/12 = 48 miles

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Factors That Determine How Far An Electric Bike Can Go

Not always will your bike achieve the 20 to 50-mile range. Something isn’t wrong with your battery life yet but can be as a result of one of these elements.

  • Power (Watts)
  • Battery (Ah)
  • Type and condition of tires
  • Powering mode and system(pedal assistant system, throttle)
  • Weather conditions and terrain

You know power and battery come first when determining the range. However, we take a dim view of the tires, but the truth is they play a vital part in the overall battery consumption. Think of the grip, a bike should have enough air on its tires. If not, it’ll have poor traction and won’t absorb the impact of the road.

Are you riding in the rain or windy conditions? Are you riding on gravel, pavement, hilly zones, or dirt roads? Some weather conditions and riding surfaces will favor you while others will not.

Some secondary factors are worth noting, but hard to notice:

  • Rider weight, size, and height

A taller rider will be less aerodynamic, experience more air resistance or drag effect, and that means the electric bike needs more power to maintain the motion.

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Top 5 E-bikes With The Longest Range

Delfast Bikes Top 3.0

The American fly ride has an ‘electric-ever-present’ battery that releases a peak power of 6000 Watts. It is turbocharged and is capable of gliding a 298 lbs weight to 200 miles. Its top speed is 50mph. The elite model supports eco mode and street riding modes. 

Best and most affordable e-bikes

  1. Premium MN7 e-bike
  2. Flluid e-bike (124 miles)
  3. Optibike R16C eMTB (180 miles)
  4. Juiced Bikes HyperScrambler 2
  5. Specialized S-Works Turbo Creo Sl (80 miles)
BikesFeaturesRangeBest for
Delfast6000-watt power200 milesTop speed:50 to 80mphLong-distance
Optibike R15C eMTB1600-watt motor52V 31.5Ah180 milesTop speed 36 mphMountain, valleys, steep terrain
Dost Drop750-watt motor25Ah batteryMax torque 120 nM120 milesTop speed 28mphCity, streets, countryside, hill climbing
Qwic Premium MN7Max torque 80 nM417, 625, 750-watt battery(can be customized)65 to 100 milesLuxury and comfort
Juiced Bikes HyperScramber 2Dual battery1000 watt100 milesSteep slopesAll-terrainAdventure

How To Increase The Range Of My E-bike

If you’re an avid biker, then you have it in you! Use your e-bike with pedal assistance especially when accelerating and hill-climbing. 

Increasing the range of your e-bike is just correcting the conditions that disfavor you when biking. 

  • Charge your battery fully before starting your tour. If the capacity is 250Ah, 750Ah, 1000Ah, ensure it is full.
  • Examine the tire pressure. Correct tire pressure enhances the rolling friction, faster wheel turning, and better balance. You can check the recommended PSI from your tires just below the rims.
  • Apply the right gears. Use high-speed gears for higher speeds and vice versa. This helps you attain higher speeds faster without consuming a lot of power in the accelerating process.

Besides, it doesn’t matter how far an electric bike can go, but how far you can pedal 

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