10 Best Electric Bike For Seniors 2021 ( Buyer’s Guide)

10 Best Electric Bike For Seniors 2021 ( Buyer's Guide)

We know that finding an electric bike for seniors isn’t easy as it sounds.

However, this article is to help you find the best in the market. We not only have listed out the top-rated electric bikes in the market in this article. The detailed and informative buying guide, along with the top 10 list, will make sure you always choose the best.

Why do you think electric bikes are primarily recommended for seniors over the normal ones? As people age, they will start losing their energy and are more prone to back pain and leg pains if intense actions are done over a long period. Electric bikes assist the riders in pedaling and makes riding effortless.

Pedaling a bike is definitely an energy-exhausting task. Most of the seniors will feel uncomfortable riding bikes for an extended period. They will become weak and can lead to muscular and joint pains. Therefore, electric bikes are the best option if you plan to buy a bike for seniors.

Electric bikes with a pedal-activated controller provide electric assistanc

Why Should Seniors Use Electric Bikes?

Electric bikes are not entirely motorized motorcycles that not at all demand human power for operation. They are just regular bicycles with some electric components such as the motor, battery, and controller. You can’t assume these electric components to replace the human power required for cycling completely.

The electric components in an electric bike help seniors maneuver the bike better and efficiently. These electric components make great help for seniors, especially on tough descends and rough trails. The electric bikes for seniors come either with a pedal-activated controller system or a throttle-based controller system.

Electric bikes with a pedal-activated controller provide electric assistance to seniors by merely pressing down the pedals. Such electric bikes have controllers mounted onto their handlebar. You can use the controller to adjust the level of electric assistance you require while cycling.

Whereas electric bikes with a throttle-based controller system work based on a throttle mechanism. Throttles on electric bikes usually come in a thumb-press type or twist-grip type. You have to pull back or simply press the throttle to activate electric assistance.

the bicycle has a yellow flower

How Can Seniors Operate Electric Bikes?

Electric bicycles are generally very simple to operate. Hence, are they primarily recommended for seniors over regular bicycles. Most electric bikes come with three operation modes. These three operational modes let you choose the amount of electric assistance accordingly.

Here are the three operation modes mostly seen in electric bikes:

Pedal Only

The Pedal Only operation mode provides you no electrical assistance. By switching into the pedal-only mode, you can ride your electric bike just as you ride a regular bicycle. Most electric bikes come with a drivetrain that provides you 3 or 8 gears.

In the pedal-only mode, you don’t feel any resistance from the motor and can ride and shift gears smoothly as in regular bicycles.

Pedal-Assist or Electric-Assist

The Pedal-Assist or Electric-Assist mode lets you ride the bike in a combination of human power and electric power. When you switch into the Pedal-Assist mode, the motor will start providing electric power as you pedal the bike.

With the Pedal-Assist mode, you can ride effortlessly and enjoy cycling. The electric power provided helps you climb the hills faster and makes cycling fun and effortless. You can switch the gears appropriately for enjoying better torque and speed in the Pedal-Assist mode.

Further, the Pedal-Assist mode provides three levels of electric assistance; Low-30%, Medium-60%, and High-100%. The lowest level only gives you 30% of power to complement your pedaling, whereas the medium level offers 60% of power, and the highest level provides 100%. You can switch between these three levels by simply pressing a button.

electric bikes are the best option if you plan to buy a bike for seniors.


The Electric-Only mode gives complete work to the motor. You can sit back and enjoy. The motor does all the work, and you don’t have to use your energy for cycling around when you have switched into the electric-only mode in an electric bike.

However, the highest speed possible in the electric-only mode is limited to 20 miles per hour according to Federal regulations.

Advantages Of Electric Bikes To Seniors

Here is why electric bikes are recommended for seniors over the regular ones in the market.

  • Low step-through frame offering the right balance and unique and safe seating position.
  • Ergonomic design allows older people to get off and on the bike easily.
  • Pedal-assist mode to assist older ones in pedaling.
  • More safety and comfort

So, these are the advantages you can enjoy by choosing electric bikes over regular ones. Now, let’s look at our top picks of electric bikes for seniors.

Our Top 10 Electric Bike For Seniors




VoltBike Elegant Electric Bike for Seniors

500W Bafang motor

48v 17.5Ah Samsung Li-ion battery
ANCHEER 26″ Electric City Bike

250W motor

12.5 AH lithium-ion battery
Emojo RunnerX Flyer Electric Bike

500W motor

36v lithium-ion battery


12 volt Sealed Lead Acid Maintenance Free
SWAGTRON EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike


48V Li-ion Battery
Macwheel 26” Electric Bike, 350W Ebike


36V/10Ah Lithium-ion Battery


12Ah Samsung 18650 cells lithium-ion battery
SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight & Aluminum Folding Ebike with Pedals


36V lithium-ion battery
Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Bike for Adults with 250w Motor


10A Lithium battery
Nakto 26″ City Electric Bicycle Assisted Bicycle



12Ah lithium-ion battery

#1 VoltBike Elegant Electric Bike for Seniors: Best Overall Electric Bike for Seniors

The VoltBike Elegant Electric Bike is one of the best e-bikes in the market for seniors. It comes with a step-through aluminum frame that allows you to get on and off the bike pretty easily without any hassles.

This lightweight electric bike is equipped with a maintenance-free 500W Bafang motor and a 17.5Ah Samsung Li-ion battery. These components make sure that the VoltBike Elegant Electric Bike takes you easily over hills and against winds.

The LED light on the front of VoltBike Elegant Electric Trike makes riding at night possible and more comfortable. You are provided with good stopping power with the front and rear Tektro hydraulic brakes of VoltBike Electric Trike. Moreover, this electric bike is now upgraded to a top-end Shimano Acera rear derailleur from Shimano Tourney.

This stellar electric bike is also incorporated with a front suspension featuring a lockout option and a highly adjustable seat post. The Velvo Plush saddle of VoltBike Elegant Electric bike may seem rigid at first, but it will get softer over time.


  • Powerful motor and battery.
  • 20 miles per hour.
  • Adjustable seat post.
  • Front suspension with lockout.
  • Good stopping power.


  • Rigid saddles that soften in time.

#2 ANCHEER 26″ Electric City Bike

Ancheer 26″ Electric City Bike comes with exceptional performance and makes one of the best electric bike options for seniors. This electric bike provides a smoother ride for seniors with its 1.95″ e-cruiser tires and 26″ wheels. These features let seniors ride effortlessly amidst the hustle and bustle of the city.

This electric city bike is equipped with a 250W motor and an AH Lithium-ion battery. The powerful motor of the Ancheer 26″ electric city bike lets you ride fast at a speed of 16 mph up to 35 miles. It also features front and rear mechanical brakes that provide reliable stopping power in all weather conditions.

The high-speed gear shift system of the Ancheer electric bike comes with 6-speed gears that provide good climbing power and terrain adaptability to the cycle. It is best suited for seniors with features such as a low-step through a frame and a wide swept-back handlebar.


  • Lightweight aluminum frame.
  • 35 miles per hour.
  • Three cycling modes.
  • 6-speed derailleur.
  • Removable battery.


  • None.

#3 Emojo RunnerX Flyer Electric Bike

Here is one of the best electric bikes for seniors in a minimalist design. The Emojo RunnerX Flyer Electric Bike comes in a neo-classic style with a powerful motor and high-speed transmission.

This electric bike features a lightweight aluminum frame in a low-step through design. So, it is pretty easy for seniors to get on and off the bike. It is powered by a 500W motor and a removable 36 V Lithium-ion battery. The 36V Lithium battery of the Emojo RunnerX Flyer Electric Bike gets fully charged within 4 to 6 hours.

The Emojo RunnerX Flyer Electric Bikes are perfect for riders who occasionally try their riding skills on rough terrains or need extra performance on the roads. You are provided with a 27-speed Shimano Tourney derailleur and dual disc brakes for a reliable riding experience.


  • Powerful motor and battery.
  • Low-step through aluminum frame.
  • High-speed gearing.
  • Dual disc brakes.


  • None.


Are you looking for the best electric trike available in the market for seniors? If yes, E-Wheels EW-29 Electric Trike makes a great option to consider buying. This three-wheel electric bike is a well-balanced bike with a speed of 15 miles per hour.

The E-Wheels EW-29 Electric Trike comes with a low-step through frame and front and rear storage baskets. You can easily achieve an upright position for riding with the low-step through frame design and oversized seat with a backrest.

This electric rike comes with various electric features such as an electric horn, electric battery indicator, LED front light, and forward or reverse switch. It is equipped with a 500W Direct-Drive Hub motor and maintenance-free 12V SLA battery.


  • Low-step through frame.
  • 15 miles per hour.
  • 500W motor and 12V SLS battery.
  • Front and rear storage baskets.


  • Large turning radius.

#5 SWAGTRON EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike

Here is another electric bike for seniors with exceptional performance. Swagtron EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike comes with 2.1″ high-volume e-cruiser tires for providing a smooth ride to the riders. This electric bike lets you ride at 16 miles per hour for up to 28 miles.

The Swagtron EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike is equipped with a powerful 250W motor to climb steep hills brilliantly. You can easily climb 25-degree hills with throttle power alone of the Swagtron EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike. The low-step through frame design of the EB10 electric bike lets you get on and off and ride the electric bike with utmost comfort.

This electric bike is incorporated with a high-efficiency removable battery. The seven-speed Shimano Index Shifting helps you shift gears super-quickly and comfortably at great ease. The Swagtron EB10 Electric Cruiser Bike, altogether, is a great companion for seniors.


  • Low-step through frame.
  • 16 miles per hour.
  • Removable battery.
  • Powerful 250W motor.


  • Difficult to assemble.

#6 Macwheel 26” Electric Bike, 350W Ebike

Macwheel 26″ Electric Bike comes with an 18″ aluminum frame and 28″ tires. The large tires of the Macwheel electric bike provide better stability to the riders. You can comfortably sit and ride with the larger and low-step through frame of the Macwheel 26″ Electric Bike.

You can enjoy your ride without any hassles with the powerful 350W motor and a large-capacity 360Wh battery. The motor of the Macwheel 26″ is mounted on the rear wheel to make pedaling easy. However, the highlight of the Macwheel 26″ Electric Bike is its LCD screen.

The LCD screen on the Macwheel 26″ Electric Bike provides information such as speed, distance covered, remaining battery power, and cycling mode. These data on the LCD screen will definitely help you ride smoothly and efficiently.


  • Smart LCD screen.
  • Powerful 360W battery.
  • Large capacity battery.
  • Large tires for better stability.


  • Rigid seat.


E-Joe Gadis 48V 350W Electric City Bike is one of the best electric bikes available in the market for seniors. This electric bike possesses a low-step through frame to help seniors easily get on and off the bike.

The powerful and lightweight 700W motor makes E-Joe Gadis 48V 350W Electric Bikes perfect for riders who love exploring hilly trails. This electric bike is equipped with a 48V 12Ah Samsung Lithium-ion battery. The puncture-resistant tires of the E-Joe Gadis help you maneuver challenging trails easily and fearlessly.

E-Joe Gadis 48V 350W Electric City Bike also comes with an integrated smart screen to help riders easily understand battery level, current speed, cycling mode, and many more.


  • Lightweight.
  • Powerful motor.
  • LCD screen.
  • Puncture-resistant tires.


  • Expensive.

#8 SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight & Aluminum Folding Ebike with Pedals

This electric bike is for those searching for folding e-bikes. Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight and Aluminum Folding Ebikes are adjustable height bikes that both adults and kids can use. You can easily adjust the size of the handlebar and seat post according to the rider’s height.

The Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight Folding Ebike can carry up to 264 pounds. Moreover, it can be folded three times its original size and perfectly fits into a vehicle for easy portability. The Autoguard feature of the Swagtron Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight & Aluminum Folding E-bike automatically disengages the motor during braking.

This folding bike is also equipped with fully removable quick-disconnect power lines for easy maintenance. It comes pre-assembled, and therefore, you don’t have to go through the hassles of assembling.


  • Easily portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Quick disconnect power lines.
  • Three times foldable.


  • Some seniors might find it challenging to fold.

#9 Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Bike for Adults with 250w Motor

The Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Bike is a durable and comfortable choice among the electric bike for seniors in the market. It comes with a carbon steel low-step through frame for seniors to comfortably get on and off the bike.

This electric bike features a self-balancing design with a front and rear braking system to make it easier to ride even physically challenged people. The swept-back handlebars and an adjustable seat provide a super comfortable riding position to the riders. You can ride in great comfort and style with Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Bike.

The 250W powerful motor and 10A Lithium battery help you cover over 20 miles in a single charge. So, you can really cover a long distance without the fear of losing power in between your journey.


  • Self-balancing design.
  • 250W powerful motor.
  • Highly-elastic seat.
  • Swept-back handlebars.
  • Storage basket.


  • Only two operation modes.

#10 Nakto 26″ City Electric Bicycle Assisted Bicycle

Nakto Electric Bicycle is equipped with a 250W motor and a 36V 12Ah removable Lithium battery. This electric bike on a single charge can run up to 22 to 28 miles and 4 to 6 hours. You can achieve a speed of up to 20 to 24 miles per hour with the Nakto Electric Bicycle.

The 6-speed transmission system of the Nakto Electric Bicycle allows you considerably choose the speed you want. You also get comfort from the superior comfort shock absorption packed on the high-strength steel frame.

Nakto Electric Bicycle also features a high-brightness front light to help you ride easily during the nighttime.


  • Powerful 250W motor.
  • 6-speed transmission system.
  • High-brightness front light.
  • Premium comfort shock absorption.


  • None.

Buying Guide for Electric Bike for Seniors

Here are some essential factors you should consider while buying an electric bike for seniors. The factors mentioned will definitely help you choose the best in the market. So, read on our buying guide to select one of the best electric bikes for seniors.


Comfort is an essential factor to consider, especially when you are buying an electric bike for seniors. The ease and convenience of riding a bike vary significantly among different individuals. So, it is always advised to take a test ride before confirming an electric bike. Some seniors might be comfortable in lightweight bikes, whereas others would find it challenging to maneuver lightweight bikes.

Electric bikes are found to be more comfortable for seniors rather than regular cycles in the market. Comfort is everything a senior would need in an electric motorcycle over anything else. Therefore, always check for factors that will add up to the comfort of the rider.


Seniors mostly will find it difficult to climb on an electric bike with a high-step frame. Electric bikes with high-step frames are definitely not for seniors. As said earlier, comfort and convenience are of utmost importance for seniors. An electric bike with a high-step frame causes inconvenience every time they get on or off the bike.

It is always better to opt for electric bikes with a low step frame and ergonomic design for seniors. A low step frame helps seniors quickly get on and off the electric bike conveniently. The ergonomic frame design will allow riders to ride the bicycle more comfortably by providing a good seating position.


Weight is also an important criterion to consider when choosing an electric bike for seniors. Always check upon the weight of the electric bike you are buying and make sure it is pretty much manageable for the senior you are buying.

Some seniors will find more balance in lightweight electric bikes, whereas others might feel lightweight bikes to be more unbalanced. It is always better to choose an electric bike with a weight the rider is most comfortable with. The weight of the bike you choose should provide a perfect balance to the riders.


The motor of electric bikes ranges from 200W and might go up to 1000W or more. Are you wondering you should go for an electric bike with a powerful engine? The higher the motor power, the more quickly you can ride by pulling a more considerable amount of weight.

However, an electric bike with a powerful motor increases the expenses significantly. As the motor’s power increases, you would need to go for a battery with a higher capacity.

A 250W rear-drive motor is perfect for seniors. This motor is absolute enough for seniors for their activities. It also won’t cost you much and is very appropriate for daily use.


The battery of the electric bike you choose is very crucial. As said earlier, you must definitely check the battery capacity with the motor of the electric bike you choose. The battery also reflects on the weight, style, and operation of the cycle.

The batteries most commonly used in electric bikes are Sealed Lead Acid(SLA) and Lithium batteries. Of these two, SLA batteries are comparatively cheaper but are heavy, require more maintenance, and have a shorter lifespan.

Therefore, lightweight Lithium batteries with a better lifespan are mostly recommended for electric bikes, although expensive. They are the best in the market if you want to lower energy maintenance costs and need a better lifespan. When buying an electric bike for seniors, we strongly recommend choosing the ones with a double-strength battery or a backup battery. Lithium batteries are altogether the safest option of batteries for electric bikes for seniors.


It is the controller that helps you customize the electric assistance you get from an electric bike. The controller, therefore, makes an essential part of electric bikes. It is mostly located on the handlebars for ease of use.

The two types of controllers mostly used in electric bikes are throttle-based controllers and pedal-activated controllers. We have already discussed these two types of controllers in the introduction of the article. However, we recommend you choose throttle-basedcontrollers for seniors for the easiness of use. The full-throttle options are considered best for seniors.


It is always best to opt for puncture-resistant tires when selecting electric bikes for seniors. If you want some extra protection from falls and blows, it would be better to consider buying tires with puncture sealing technology like ‘Slime.’


You can consider equipping a pair of fenders or mudguards on your electric bike if you want to protect yourself from mud and water splashing off your face.


You should buy an electric bike with racks if you plan to carry heavy loads on your cycle. The racks are mostly found on cargo e-bikes. However, you can also buy racks separately according to the model and year of manufacture of your e-bike.


Electric bikes are nowadays available with smartphone integrations. You can find the option for smartphone connectivity in most of the top-end electric bikes in the market. The option for smartphone integration allows you access to GPS and makes your riding experience more fun and easy.


Some electric bikes come with built-in security features such as a bike lock, rear-wheel lock, and premium brakes. It is of utmost importance to consider safety and security features when choosing an electric bike for seniors.


So, that is all about electric bikes for seniors. Along with a detailed buying guide, we have also listed out some of the best electric bikes available in the market for seniors.

Please leave your queries about electric bikes for seniors here. We will definitely get back to your questions as comments or articles.

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